What some have to say ~ Testimonials


“I consider massage the best form of injury prevention and recovery that there is. I have known and used Steph throughout my playing career. His work has been an integral part of my success on the world circuit.”
Todd Woodbridge

“Steph has the amazing ability to work intuitively with the body, mind and soul together.  I always feel safe and relaxed in his hands.”
Jane Thornton

“As a competitive runner, regular remedial/sports massage is essential for effective training, racing & recovery…  Steph works magic with his hands, and his mind. I bounce off the table like a spring chicken….”

“Steph is able to either provide a beautiful relaxing massage or remedial treatment depending on the requirements you may have.  He has amazing ability to see what the appropriate treatment may be and allow you to enjoy the experience.”
Chris Elliot

“My body keeps a “Steph clock” – it demands that i take some time out to really nurture myself, rejuvenate & release the tensions that unavoidably builds up as a result of a demanding modern life.  Steph’s massage is ALWAYS a 5-star treat for my body, mind and soul. His skills are a true gift of overall wellness!”
Victoria Elliot

“If you are like me and have tried a few masseurs in the past and have found them, let’s say “a little to gentle” you should definitely give Steph a shot.  I really enjoy the fact that he is physically stronger than myself, in that he can put the right amount of pressure in the right spot just the way I like it.   I’ve never had to ask him push harder and I feel confident that he knew my limit after the very first massage.   The whole experience in visiting Steph, whether it be during business hours or after, is inspiring and relaxing at the same time. To have someone be able to read your body with just their hands, then without saying a word, tend to the problems is amazing.   I would not hesitate in the slightest in recommending Steph for your next massage.”
Mark Pausler

My experience of a massage by Steph is that he is very friendly and welcoming.  He provides a whole body treatment and he is understanding of what you need from the massage.  I am very relaxed after the treatment.  Steph is very involved in the treatment and is aware of how your muscles respond.  Steph creates a calm, warm and safe atmosphere.
Lisa Carrol

“hey, great massage! loved it.”
Sally Goldsmith

“more than just a massage ….. a journey”
Glenn Davey


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You can trust you will be managed with care and professionalism.

“You will definitely know you’ve had a massage”